Squad - Collaborative Code Editor

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Squad is a web-based collaborative code editor.
We make it simple to open, edit and share code in real time.

Squad - Collaborative Code Editor

Access files anywhere.

In the lab, at home, or on the go.

Squad - Collaborative Code Editor

Why Squad?

Pair programming benefits students.

Research shows pair programming has muliple benefits for students, including increased confidence, increased program quality, and development of higher-order thinking.

Squad - Collaborative Code Editor


Students can work together in a lab, or halfway across the country.

Squad increases flexibility of assignments, whether used in an on-site or online context. Squad can be used for synchronous or asynchronous projects with multiple student group combinations.

Squad - Collaborative Code Editor

Improve retention

Pair programming increases student retention.

One study showed that after experiencing a computer science class with pair programming, 56% of students chose to major in computer science. Of the students in a class without pair programming, only 33% pursued the major.[1].

Squad - Collaborative Code Editor


Students learn relevant workplace skills in the classroom.

Collaboration is becoming more and more important in the workplace, and students who have practice collaborating with peers will adjust more quickly to the workplace than those without practice.

Squad - Collaborative Code Editor

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